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Allergy Bible Product Description

If you buy one book on allergies and how to manage them, make it this one, as it’s the only one you’ll ever need! Complete with explanations, advice and recipes, this book has not just gone the extra mile, it seems to have done a marathon.

Practical, straightforward advice for allergy sufferers and their families. The Allergy Bible is a comprehensive and detailed book, that is clearly laid out and easy to use, making it the perfect guide to allergies, their symptoms and advice on how to avoid as well as treat them.

The Allergy Bible Includes:

A multitude of allergies and intolerances and talks about the differences between them

Medical terms explained, advice on how to cope with allergies and the treatments available for them

Surprising recipes for food allergies

This is not your average allergy book. Yes it covers many types of allergies and intolerance, explains the difference between them and looks at what causes these reactions, but it does so individually, in great depth by a trained biochemist and acknowledged expert on allergic diseases.

For example we are given the knowledge and understanding of medical terms and definitions that differ to the everyday meaning of words used to describe allergies and their effects, which can only promote better communication with the medical profession.

The Allergy Bible Recipes

The Allergy Bible includes many mouth-watering recipes for dishes that many allergy and intolerance sufferers may have thought they couldn't have. Below are a few examples of what you can expect to find in each recipe group:

Gluten & Wheat Free – Brown Bread, Lemon Surprise Pudding

Milk & Lactose Free – Savoury Sauce, Banana and Strawberry Shake

Egg Free – Pancakes

Yeast Free – Sultana, Hazelnut & Rosemary Bread

Complete with references at the end of every section to linked topics and expanding on what has been discussed, you will build an extensive picture of a specific allergy or aspect.

The Allergy Bible Summed-Up

Invaluable as a reference book, yet an interesting and informative read as a work of non-fiction. Perfect for allergy sufferers and their families wanting to understand, cope and avoid allergies or irritants, with a whole chapter dedicated to protecting children against allergies, it makes for a wise investment for any family.

Allergies and Intolerances Covered:

Allergy Bible – £9.74 

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