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About Reebok

Originally known as J.W. Foster & Sons, Reebok was created by Joseph William Foster in Bolton in 1895 when he couldn't find a pair of spiked running shoes he liked. After making a pair for himself it wasn't long before he was manufacturing them for other athletes and one of the world's most popular & trusted brands was born.

1890 - 1930

J.W. Foster and Spikes of Fire

Reebok’s UK-based ancestor company JW Foster and Sons developed running shoes with spikes in them to run faster. Reebok's United Kingdom-based ancestor company was founded for one of the best reasons possible: The family-owned business proudly made the running shoes worn in the 1924 Summer Games by the athletes celebrated in the film "Chariots of Fire".

1950 - 1980

A Gazelle Named Reebok

In 1958, the founder’s grandsons started a sister company named after an African Gazelle – Reebok was born.

The North American licence for running shoes – the most expensive on the market was bought by Paul Fireman in 1979.

1980 -1990

Freestyle Aerobics and Step Reebok


1982 – first athletic shoe designed especially women and to fit with a new type of exercise – Aerobic Dance.

Step Reebok

In 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia, a fitness professional named Gin Miller suffered a knee injury and began stepping on her back step in an effort to rehabilitate her knee. So was the beginning of step training - soon to become Step Reebok®.

1990 - 2000

Marquee Athletes and Core Training

Fitness to Sport

Transitioned from being a fitness and exercise company to one also involved in sport. New apparel and footwear was introduced and Reebok signed numerous professional athletes, teams and federations to sponsorship contracts.

Core Training

In 2000, another Reebok revolution when they introduced Reebok Core Training and the Reebok Core Board. This innovative workout is a dynamic strength and conditioning program that focuses on developing total body power by emphasizing the abs, torso and "core" muscles.

2006 -

adidas-Salomon AG acquires Reebok

The adidas group acquires Reebok with a merger that looks to be complementary – both being well-respected brands in the worldwide sporting goods industry.

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