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Reebok Cardiobell

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Beautifully designed and stylish, these Reebok Cardiobells are the perfect partner for cardio workouts at home.

Full product description

Product Description

What’s All the Fuss about Cardio Bells?

Personal trainers are raving about the benefits of using the cardiobell in their sessions. Cardio bell workouts at home or in the gym help develop strength, power, endurance and balance and will increase your calorie burn too!

Cardio Workouts at Home

These beautifully designed Reebok Cardio Bells are the perfect partner for women to do cardio workouts at home, helping you shape muscle and really improve your fitness.

Reebok Cardio Bells – Especially for Women

Made from moulded plastic and rubber, the Reebok Cardio Bell comes in 3 weights (3kg, 6kg and 8kg), colour coded in a vibrant pink, a stylish white and a striking blue.

"The new Reebok Performance accessory range features unique design and innovative technology designed to fit your lifestyle"
  • Stylishly colour coded
  • Moulded handle for comfort
  • Compact for storage
  • Available in 3 weights
    • 3kg
    • 6kg
    • 8kg