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Ankle/Wrist Weight Exercise Review

By DFR staff member Julie Chapman

The theory is that by adding extra weight when we’re exercising our muscles have to work harder; giving additional toning benefits and burning more calories. Using ankle or wrist weights sounds like a sensible and practical way of doing this, so do they work?

I decided to try the 0.5kg weight option for use as wrist weights and the 1kg weights for ankle weights, given that my lower body is definitely stronger than my upper body. Nevertheless, I was really curious about whether I would be able to actually feel the difference from such a small amount of extra weight.

First Test: A Walking Workout with Wrist Weights

This was brilliant. Bend your arms slightly and get a gentle swing going to the rhythm of your pace, and it feels like you’ve done a weight session at the gym. Using the wrist weights works not just your upper and lower arms, but your shoulders as well. This is an easy and time saving way to boost the benefits of a walking workout or other aerobic exercise.

Second Test: Shopping with Ankle Weights

For me, I thought wearing the weights on my wrists would be too heavy, especially for shopping as it might make taking things off shelves rather hard. So off I went with them for a bit of ankle weight walking exercise while I shopped.

I can now put my hands up and say, ‘yes, 1kg per ankle certainly makes a difference and you can definitely feel it’. After an hour or so my legs were pretty tired and I felt they’d had a good workout.

Third Test: Dance Class (Aborted)

I was going to do a third test and wear ankle weights to my normal weekly dance class but, after using them for a slow hour’s shop, decided that I’d need to improve my fitness before wearing the weights for that level of aerobic exercise!


So what do I think? Using ankle and wrist weights is a practical way to get more out of a walking workout and, if you’re fit and strong enough, an aerobic step or dance workout. It’s also a great way to increase the muscle power and energy used during normal physical activity such as doing the housework or shopping – great if one of your exercise goals is to lose weight.

Adding weight increases the effectiveness of your exercise activity whatever your fitness level, saving time whilst you’re toning up and burning extra calories. So, in my opinion York's Ankle and Wrist Weights are a fitness equipment best buy.


Wear the ankle weights round your ankles with the Velcro fastening at the front, and if you are jogging or going on a long or hilly walk, wear a pair of socks underneath just in case they rub.