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Fat Burning Chart

Our chart shows you how many extra calories you'll burn by doing the following exercise activities continuously for half an hour.

The chart assumes that you currently lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle - and the calories shown are the approximate number of extra calories you would burn, on top of those needed to maintain your normal daily lifestyle.

It takes 3500 calories of activity to burn off 1 pound of fat, so, for example, you'd need to do 18 half-hour sessions of vigorous walking (9 hours) per week, in order to burn off a pound of fat in a week! That's quite a lot, and more exercise than you need to do to be within health guidelines - most health professionals recommend 3 to 5 20-30-minute sessions a week for general health benefits. If your goal is to lose weight, you need to combine eating less calories with burning more calories in order to make significant progress.

Fat Burning Chart
  Activity Kcal*  
  Aerobics (low impact 189  
  Cycling (recreational, 5mph)  120  
  Cycling (moderate, 10mph)  303  
  Cycling (vigorous, 15mph)  486  
  Gardening (digging)  252  
  Gardening (mowing)  216  
  Gardening (weeding)  144  
  Skipping  303  
  Step Aerobics (low impact)  225  
  Swimming  267  
  Toning Exercises  120  
  Walking (moderate)  144  
  Walking (vigorous)  195  
  Yoga  93  
*Calories burned in 30 minutes

Fat Burning Chart information is taken from 'Tables & Charts' part of the Weight Loss Resources Kit

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