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10 Ways to Burn 200 Calories

We all know we should probably do a bit more exercise than we do already, but it’s often hard to judge how much good, or how much energy (and therefore how many calories) you have burned during exercise when you’re not using fancy gym equipment.

So we thought we’d show you 10 quick and popular ways to burn around 200 calories through exercise*


  Exercise Time
1 Skipping 12-15 minutes
2 Spinning 12-15 minutes
3 Body Combat 14-17 minutes
4 Tae Bo 17-20 minutes
5 Squash 20-23 minutes
6 Swimming 22-25 minutes
7. Jogging 25-30 minutes
8 Resistance Training 25-30 minutes
9 Cycling, Moderate, 7.5mph 28-33 minutes
10 Walking, 5mph 30-35 minutes

More Ways to Burn Calories

Burning calories at home couldn't be any easier! For much less than a gym membership you could try your hand at rebounding, step aerobics or even dancing on a dance mat - all high calorie burning exercises.

* Calorie calculations based on middle aged man & woman with a moderately sedentary lifestyle.

For fully personalised information on calories burned during a wide variety of exercises, and calories consumed from thousands of different foods take a free trial at