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Activities and Exercises to Burn Calories

We are all aware that we need balance what we eat with how physically active we are. But have you ever wondered just how much exercise you’d need to take to burn off a Mars bar, or a slice of pizza?

Well here are some examples of activities and exercises to burn calories consumed by eating some of your favourite foods:


Activities to Burn Snack Calories
Food kcals Activity / Exercise Men Women
Orange 59 Canoeing 35mins 37mins
Apple, Granny Smith 62 Free Weights 13mins 15mins
Pear 65 Mowing the Lawn 10mins 11mins
Strawberry Yoghurt, Muller Light 108 Jogging Slowly 15mins 18mins
Banana 112 Windsurfing 30mins 35mins
Cherry Yoghurt, Ski 118 Dumbbell Exercises 25mins 28mins
Hot Cross Bun, Classic, M&S 159 Skipping 15mins 20mins
Hula Hoops Original, KP 175 Toning Exercises 45mins 50mins
Cheese & Onion Crisps, Walkers 184 Frisbee 30mins 35mins
Mars Bar (Standard Size) 280 Aqua Aerobics 45mins 50mins
Jam Doughnut, Benjys 288 Golf 1hr 1hr 10mins
Chocolate Chip Muffin, Morrisons 476 Mountain Climbing 48mins 58mins


Activities to Burn Lunch Calories
Food kcals Activity/ Exercise Men Women
Tomato Soup Heinz (400g Can) 228 Basketball 45mins 50mins
Tuna Wrap, Subway 310 Body Pump 1 hr 1 hr 10mins
Chicken Caesar Salad EAT 374 Skating 50mins 1hr
Pot Noodle, Chicken & Mushroom 384 Tennis 1hr 1hr 10mins
Bacon Sandwich (White Bread) 430 Football (not Goalie) 48mins 58mins
Ham & Cheese Toastie, Coffee Republic 436 Netball 1hr 20mins 1hr 30mins
BLT Sandwich Starbucks 437 Tae Bo 40mins 50mins
Mozzarella, Tomato & Pesto Panni, Costa 487 Hill Walking 1hr 10mins 1hr 20mins
Egg Mayo Sandwich, Pret A Manger 508 Horse Riding at Gallop 55mins 1hr 5mins
Quarter Pounder with Cheese McDonalds 515 Cross Trainer 1hr 10mins 1hr 25mins
All Day Breakfast, Wimpy 715 Walking 4mph (1mile 15mins) 2hrs 2hrs 25mins


Activities to Burn Dinner Calories
Food kcals Activity / Exercise Men Women
Pepperoni Pizza, Dominos (1 Slice) 198 Swimming Recreational 40mins 45mins
Margarita Pizza, Pizza Hut (1 Slice) 238 Boxing 25mins 30mins
Chips, Chip Shop (Small Portion) 240 Ballroom Dancing 50mins 1 hr
Baked Beans, Heinz (400g Can) 346 Kick Boxing 45mins 55mins
Spaghetti Bolognese, M&S 380 Step aerobics, low imp. 50mins 1hr
Steak & Kidney Pie, Birds Eye 447 Badminton 1hr 15mins 1hr 30mins
Italian Lasagne, Tesco 400g 560 Spinning 35mins 45mins
Roast Beef Dinner JDW 816 Cycling 15mph 1hr 20mins 1hr 40mins
Chicken Tikka Masala, JDW 1257 Running (8mph) 1hr 20mins 1hr 40mins


Activities to Burn Drinks Calories
Food kcals Activity / Exercise Men Women
Orange Juice with Bits (200ml) 90 Ping Pong 25mins 30mins
Dry White Wine (175ml) 115 Cricket, Batting 25mins 30mins
Red wine (175ml) 119 Digging 15mins 18mins
J20 Apple & Mango (275ml) 132 Yoga 45mins 50mins
Coke, Coca-Cola (330ml Can) 142 Cable Row 30mins 35mins
Fosters (Pint) 227 Dancing Aerobics 38mins 45mins