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7 Day GI Diet Menu

7 Day GI Diet Sample Menu

When asked to recommend a type of diet to a friend I immediately suggested the GI Diet. However, I was amazed at the reaction I got - it would take up far too much of her time and she wouldn't be able to eat anything "normal".

So, just to prove a point, I came up with this one week GI diet menu, to illustrate that with a little planning you can have great, and importantly, "normal" food while sticking to a GI diet. This menu is a short example that eating GI wont have you going hungry and even allows for packed lunches and lunches on the go.

Admittedly I've cheated a bit with some of the meals by using recipes from Anthony Worrall Thompson's GI Diet and Rick Gallop's Living the GI Diet, but seeing as they have already done the hard work I thought I should take advantage of their GI and culinary knowledge to create a truly yummy diet menu.



GI Diet Day 1

GI Diet Day 2

GI Diet Day 3

GI Diet Day 4

GI Diet Day 5

GI Diet Day 6

GI Diet Day 7


Scrambled eggs - whites only

Porridge with berries

Egg white omelette with asparagus + herbs

Bacon back omelette

Muesli with semi-skimmed milk

Low fat yoghurt with berries

French toast with bacon


1 apple

1 pear

Low fat yoghurt

3 plums

1 grapefruit

Baby carrots, cucumber, sweetcorn + low fat dip or houmous

2 kiwi


Tuna, sweetcorn + low fat mayo on granary/
wholegrain bread

Chicken/Turkey breast with green leaf salad

Tomato based pasta salad

Smoked salmon, cottage cheese + salad sandwich

Homemade soup with granary or

Baked beans on granary bread with salad

Grilled vegetable pizza

soda bread roll


Low fat yoghurt

Orange + almond cake - 1 slice

1 banana


Fruit salad

Strawberries (1 cup)

Low fat yoghurt



Spaghetti bolognese

Fettuccini primavera

Vegetable stir fry


Grilled or steamed fish with salad or steamed green vegetables

Shepherd's pie with a GI twist

Roast turkey - no skin, small new potatoes + steamed vegetables



Orange + almond cake - 1 slice

Cherries (1 cup)

Glazed apple tart

Pear crumble

Reduced fat mousse


Fruit salad


Recipes available in:


Anthony Worrall Thompson GI Diet


Rick Gallop Living the GI Diet