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Tanita Health Care Products

Tanita Health Care Products

Tanita are one of the world's leading health care product manufacturers, manufacturing health care products for both professional and home use.

Renowned for quality, accuracy and consistency, Tanita make an extensive range of home health care and monitoring products. Combining reliability with precision, style and ease of use, it is clear why they have become, and remained, one of the world's most trusted manufacturers.

Tanita Body Fat Monitors

Tanita invented the world's first stand-on Body Fat Monitor in 1991, and although their Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) Body Fat Monitors are their signature product, they have developed many other complimentary products to the same high standards of quality.

Other Tanita Products

These products include bathroom scales, body composition monitors, water monitors and kitchen scales. As well as some great health care/fitness gadgets, including a pedometer that will calorie count as you walk, another that will set your pace and a skipping rope that will calorie count as you skip.

Tanita Technology

The technology used on the home use monitors is based on the same advanced technology applied in Tanita's professional body composition analysers widely used by doctors, medical centres and by professional athletic teams, fitness clubs and personal trainers around the world.

Tanita uses strain gauge technology, an advanced weight measuring system that provides highly accurate readings. That means you get a more stable scale platform, and guarantees long-term, consistent accuracy.