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Using an Exercise Ball During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Ball

When people talk about a pregnancy ball, or pregnancy exercise ball, they are usually talking about Swiss exercise balls, but for the benefit of this article we will refer to them as pregnancy balls.

Why use a Pregnancy Ball?

Sitting on an pregnancy ball is excellent for reducing lower back pain thanks to the soft but firm support provided by the ball, you also slightly tilt the pelvis which especially helps reduce the build up of pressure. Plus a gentle bounce while seated will stimulate spinal fluid.

The use during pregnancy of a ball to adapt exercises to a seated position can also be very beneficial for those who wish to remain active, adding support, comfort and relieving pressure on joints, while still allowing you freedom of movement.

Post Pregnancy

Did you know that getting back into exercise quickly after pregnancy may help reduce the likelihood of postnatal depression? Pregnancy balls are widely used for strengthen trunk muscles, while improving balance and posture, plus they are also great for engaging your pelvic floor muscles, as demonstrated in Gin Millers Exercise Ball DVD. So a ball could be just the thing to start you exercising as a mum.

Pregnancy & Exercise

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women's Health have some wonderful information available including a Fit for Birth pdf and a Fit for Pregnancy pdf full of useful advice for all stages of pregnancy including post birth.