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Pedometer and Alarm Oregon Product Description

Oregon Scientific Panic Alarm Pedometer

A must for anyone who walks regularly, or alone.

The Oregon Scientific panic alarm pedometer is designed not just to count steps, distance, calories and time, it has been designed with your safety in mind.

The pedometer part of the panic alarm pedometer is so easy to set and use. There are three modes that display clock/step, distance/timer (stopwatch) or calories/timer, and you can switch between them all while it is in use. So you can see how many calories you’ve burned from the 400 steps you’ve taken and how many miles 400 steps actually is. Yes, this pedometer calculates in imperial so your distance is in miles, when setting weight: lbs and when setting step: inches.

The design is quite unique with display automatically facing up once you have clipped it on, so there is no need to fumble around opening it every time you want to read the pedometer. It also has a backlight like digital watches do, so you can still read it even when dark.

The panic alarm part of this Oregon Scientific pedometer is even simpler than the pedometer part. You have a cord that is plugged into the pedometer at one end and can be clipped on or tucked in your pocket at the other end. Pull the cord out of the pedometer and the alarm goes off.

Believe me when I say the panic alarm is LOUD! To give you an example of just how loud it is, when I was testing the Oregon Scientific panic alarm pedometer in the office I pulled out the plastic strips that activate the batteries before I plugged the cord in, and people thought the fire alarm was going off! But to me that is how a panic alarm should be, unignorably loud.


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