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Weights for Weight Loss Product Description

Maximise your weight loss workouts with weight training

Fat Vs Muscle

Did you know that 1kg of fat takes up five times as much space as 1kg of muscle? So, although muscle weighs a third more than fat, you can convert fat into muscle, stay the same weight, but drop two dress sizes!

Which Workout – Aerobic or Weights?

When most of us want to exercise to lose we think of aerobic workouts such as walking, swimming and dancing to burn fat. While there is no doubt this type of cardio exercise is an important part of the weight loss equation, strength training is the key to maximising daily energy expenditure, fat loss and body shaping.

When slimming our bodies not only lose fat, more than a quarter of weight lost is water, muscle and even bone. Using weight workouts for weight loss is strength training and offsets this because you are actively building muscle, increasing your metabolic rate and so burning more calories at rest.

Tailored Workouts for Weight Loss

Weights for Weight Loss, includes post stretch training stretches, four weight bearing workouts, plus a targeted toning chapter with exercises that can be used to add to workouts, substitute exercises where equipment isn’t available, or for use as a workout in itself.

Sam Murphy also includes comprehensive advice on how to get the most out of your workout for weight loss including technique, how many reps or sets, how long to rest for between exercises, what weights, frequency of workouts and more. She even gives direction on tailoring your workouts to get the best results dependent on your body shape, to create a slimmer, stronger, firmer you as quickly as possible.

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