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DVD - Exercise Ball Product Description

By just sitting on an exercise ball you are working your core muscles, so imagine how good for you exercising on the ball is.

Exercise Ball DVD

This exercise ball video is a really great starting point for exercises on the ball. It takes you through getting the right posture and positioning, giving you a firm foundation for exercise ball work and ensuring you get the most out of not just this exercise ball video, but all future exercise ball work.

The exercises performed in the exercise ball video also give you the primary positions for the majority of other ball exercises. As a beginner this is ideal as it provides you with the basics so you can master them and then progress further at your own place as your confidence and ability on the ball grows.

Exercise Ball and Pelvic Floor Exercises

When using an exercise ball you need to engage the pelvic floor muscles for a lot of the exercises to help stabilise your torso and keep the neutral body position so important to maximising any exercise on the ball. Making this an ideal time to do pelvic floor exercises whilst sitting or lying down, ensuring you isolate just those muscles.

This exercise ball DVD, is especially good for incorporating pelvic floor exercises into your daily routine as it concentrates on exercises for your trunk, working waist, stomach, back and oblique muscles. So now there’s no excuse for forgetting to do our favourite little exercises.

Exercise Ball and Gin Miller

As always Gin is relaxed and thorough as she both demonstrates and clearly explains what you are doing throughout the exercise ball video, as well as what the exercise ball video is doing for you and your body.

NOTE: Exercise balls are also known as balance balls, body balls, fitballs, fitness balls, gym balls, stability balls and swiss balls.


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