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Strength Training For Women Product Description

Strength Training for Women - At a Glance

When this book was first brought to my attention the title 'Strength Training for Women' conjured up images of female body builders, but that couldn't have been further from the truth.

In this book the 'Strength' that author Joan Pagano is referring to is the general everyday strength we all need. The type that, if it's there you don't notice it, but if you spend a day doing the gardening you feel the lack of it the next day!

The best thing about women strength training is the shape it will give you. Yes, strength training will tone your muscles and give you the power to lug groceries to the car, but, when women strength train, along with strength comes sculpted body contours.

If you want a flatter tummy, shapelier arms or firmer legs, Strength Training for Women is the answer, and as fat turns to muscle you will shrink to a slimmer you while you're at it.

Strength Training for Women

The first chapter is a comprehensive introduction to strength training and is all about showing you how to do it correctly so you get the best out of your strength training.

After that it's all about the workouts, in fact it is 127 pages of exercises and workouts. Now that's what I call thorough.

Each exercise is broken down and explained with colour photos demonstrating each stage of each exercise. You are also told why you should do the exercise. For example: "works hamstrings to give a nice shape to the back of the thigh".

You'll also find suggested reps for beginners and more advanced sets, plus trainers tips for each exercise.

Strength Training for Women has been so well thought out and put together. It is simple and easy to see what to do and actually get on and start strength training. Not to mention the results of following a strength training workout are very visible and just what every woman wants.

Strength Training for Women Top Tips

There are plenty of strength training exercises and workouts you can do without any equipment or weights, but I would advise you to get a fitball so that you can get the absolute most out of this book and your strength training workout.

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