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Bullworker X5 Exercises

Arm exercises and shoulder exercises are what the Bullworker is famous for, but you get a whole lot more from your workout for your lower as well as upper body than just that.

There is no faster way to build muscle than performing isometric/isotonic exercises, and guess what the Bullworker X5 is? It’s a handheld quad lateral isometric/isotonic exerciser approved by the IOC as personal fitness equipment since the 1960’s. Plus it's been endorsed by fitness figures such as Muhammad Ali, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dave Prowse.

So it's hardly surprising it's associated with arm and shoulder exercises that give visible results in no time.

Includes Exercise Chart

The lovely people at Bullworker include an exercise chart with 49 exercises covering your arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, back and legs, with the Bullworker X5, plus separate warm up and cool down exercises.

The 49 exercises make up the “Secret 7” workouts that build your strength by approx. 4% every week. Then when you want to stop building and maintain your strength level, just reduce the frequency of your Bullworker exercises to once a week.

Making your workouts quick, simple and with a possible 104 Bullworker exercises to perform, you certainly can’t say boring!

Sample Bullworker Arm Exercise

Bullworker Arm Exercise