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Body Sculpture Twist Mini Stepper Product Description

Body Sculpture’s Twist Mini Stepper’s action helps tone the waist, legs, thighs and buttocks while the resistance bands help to tone the upper body muscles.  Get a full aerobic body workout within a tiny space.

This mini piece of exercise equipment is an excellent calorie burner and will really tone legs and bums. The unique twist motion causes the foot paddles to smoothly turn as you step. This will engage more of the muscles in your legs helping to trim inner thighs and tone outer ones. 

For an effective aerobic workout, the addition of the resistance bungee cords enables the mini stepper to pump the upper body for increased heart rate, calorie usage and fat burn. The cords enable a range of exercises from bicep curls to lateral raises for shoulders.  

Compact, portable, easy to store and durable. The mini stepper features anti-slip footplates and twin hydraulic cylinders, as well as a 5 function computer to monitor your workout

Key Features of the Mini Stepper:

Body Sculpture Twist Mini Stepper – £37.18 

Out of Stock

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