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Food and Exercise Diary Log

Calculate your daily calorie allowance, then use the food diary pages to record your food and exercise. Includes weekly progress reports and motivational tips

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Product Description

Food Diary

Keeping a food diary is the most powerful way to change your eating habits. Recording a daily food diary will not only help you stick to a daily calorie allowance, but will teach you to make healthier choices now and in the future.

Exercise Diary

Exercise and earn yourself extra calories in your food diary to treat yourself to that chocolate bar you crave or an extra glass of wine.

Simply writing down details of the exercise you’ve done in your diary is rewarding and will help you stay motivated.

Easy to use format

Work out your daily calorie allowance using the tools on the first few pages, then start using the daily food diary pages to record food and drink consumed, plus any exercise taken.

Plot your progress on our weekly progress report and stay motivated using our tips pages at the beginning of every week’s food diary.

For an Online food diary, visit:

  • Using your Diary
    • The Calorie Balance
    • Completing your Diary
  • Using your Progress Report
  • Daily Calorie Allowance (inc. calorie reduction for weight loss)
  • Calories to maintain weight
    • For women
    • For men
  • 12 weeks of Food and Exercise Daily Diary pages
  • 12 Weekly Progress Reports
  • Tips and Advice for weight loss and motivation
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