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Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter - Calories in Food and Calorie Counting to Lose Weight

Our Calorie Counter shows calories in food for the UK. Calorie counting is the healthy eating way to losing weight by following a low fat diet. Use the calorie charts to calorie count your favourite foods and drinks including calories in alcohol.

Calorie Chart

Calories in food to take away
Fast food calories from your favourite restaurants can make it hard to follow a low fat diet.
Calorie counting fast food


Calories in alcohol and other drinks
Our drinks calorie chart shows you how many calories in a pint of beer or a glass of wine.
Calorie count drinks


How many calories in a banana?
Calorie counters for your favourite fruit and veg.
Fruit and Veg calorie charts


Chocolate Calorie Counter
Calorie count your favourite chocolate bars.
Fruit and Veg calorie charts


Losing Weight On The Side
Check the calories in side dishes from rice and pasta to chips and beans.
Calories in food on the side


Calorie Counting For the Main Course
A calorie counter for meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian options.
Calories in food on the side


Snack Calorie Counter
Calorie counting the cost of your snacks.
Calorie counting the snacks


Calories in Pizza
Whatever your favourite topping, we've got it covered.
Calories in Pizza


Calories in Coffee
Check the calorie content of different coffes from simple black to whip mocha frapuccino.
Calories in Coffee



Click here for an
online calorie counter
with full nutritional information for over 40,000 UK foods
and interactive tools for losing weight.

Why Calorie Count?

Nutritionists, dieticians and other health professionals involved in helping people to lose weight, tend to agree that healthy eating and a low fat diet are essential for long term healthy weight loss. Losing weight by calorie counting helps to build your knowledge and awareness of what's in what you eat, and what your body really needs. Calorie counting is flexible enough to fit into most lifestyles and can accommodate personal taste, likes and dislikes. There are no forbidden foods when you calorie count - everything is allowed - as long as you eat less calories than you burn up each day you will lose weight, that's a scientific fact!

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How to Lose Weight by Calorie Counting

First you need to work out how many calories you need each day to maintain your weight. For women, this averages around 2000, for men around 2500 (more if you are very over weight, very muscular - or very tall!). To lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than you burn. If you eat 500 calories less than you need each day you'll lose weight at the rate of one pound a week. If you eat 1,000 calories less than you need each day you'll lose two pounds each week. Your body will have to turn to its fat stores to make up your calorie deficit. It's recommended that you combine exercise (burning more calories) with healthy eating to create a calorie deficit.

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Calories in Food

You'll need a comprehensive chart or calorie counter to look up the calories in food and drinks. Then jot down what you eat and drink each day and add up the calories. We recommend the Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible calorie counter which lists calories in over 22,000 UK foods. Jotting down what you eat will help you to see where you can make changes to reduce the number of calories you consume. Most people find they have a fairly small number of favourite items that they eat or drink habitually, or in large amounts, which take up a big portion of their daily calorie needs. Calories in alcohol are a good illustration; alcohol has 7 calories per gram and little or no nutritional value. The trick is to reduce these high calorie items - don't cut them out all together, making yourself feel deprived is counter-productive when trying to lose weight - even those calories in alcohol are ok in moderation. Try to concentrate on healthy eating and a low fat diet that leaves some room for treats. For tips on reducing fat see Ten Ways to Reduce Fat for a low fat diet a helpful article by State Registered Dietician Christine Fenn.

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Calorie Counting On Line

You can find out how many calories you need to lose weight, access an online calorie calculator and keep food and exercise diaries at

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Calorie Counting at Home

Everything you need for losing weight by calorie counting can be found in the weight loss resources kit including calories in food, an exercise calorie chart and comprehensive tools for setting goals and monitoring progress.