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Jody Vassallo & Dell Stanford


Jody Vassallo

Jody Vassallo has written cookbooks for the past ten years, and is the author of the highly successful Marie Claire style series recipe books: Drinks, Pasta, Seafood, Noodles, Brunches, Supper & Sweet.

Jody has a strong interest in nutrition and health and is responsible for the recipes in the National Heart Foundation of Australia's "Deliciously Healthy CookBook". As well as writing, Jody also works as a consultant to the NSW Institute of Sports and is a regular contributor to Australia's top food magazines.

Other titles include: The Fat & Fibre CounterDiabetes Health for LifeLow Fat Health for Life, Pregnancy FoodHealthy Heart FoodBaby & Toddler Food and Woman Food.


Dell Stanford

A state registered dietician for many years, Dell Stanford has been a nutrition consultant in various hospitals, as well as for academic and consumer publishing. Among her many positions, she has worked for both Slimming Magazine and the Health Education Authority, answering questions and providing health guidelines on various issues. She has appeared in several television and radio interviews and currently works as a freelance nutrition consultant.