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Reebok Rebounder Product Description

Reebok Rebounder - Club Quality Mini Trampoline

Safe for almost all ages and abilities, rebounders are great fun and easy to use. Quoted by NASA to be 'the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man', aerobic exercise on a Rebounder is perfect for developing overall fitness and is a great compliment to any weight loss plan. You can burn between 100-280 extra calories in a 30-minute session*.

A zero impact aerobic exercise (placing no strain on your joints) rebounding has many benefits: It improves your circulation, which helps your lymphatic system. It increases the capacity of your heart and lungs, and builds strength, stamina, agility and all round general fitness. Rebounding improves muscle tone - in particular around the legs, thighs abdomen, arms and hips, and will help develop your co-ordination and balance.

There's no need for special instruction, you can use your Rebounder for bouncing, jogging or dancing. (We've even been told it makes a more comfortable base for doing sit ups.) And if you prefer a more regimented routine there are instructional videos or DVD's available.

The Reebok Rebounder comes in stylish black and silver, and is washable.

"It is fantastic - mainly cos you feel so weightless when exercising rather than pounding along on the treadmill!"

*Depending on your weight and exertion level. Extra calories are those you burn on top of the calories you use for basic day-to-day living.


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