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Tanita Body Fat Monitor Product Description

Tanita Family Body Fat Monitor BC 570

Calculate your body fat percentage in seconds for the whole family with the Tanita body fat scale.

Using Tanita’s revolutionary innerscan technology this monitor accurately measures body fat percentage, total body water percentage, muscle mass, & visceral fat rating in seconds.

Best of all Tanita have made this body fat monitor as a family scale. It will give accurate weight, body fat and body water percentage readings for everyone over the age of seven.

Body Fat Percentage

We all need some fat to keep our bodies healthy and women naturally need more fat than men. But too much fat can cause serious and long term health problems so keeping a check on your body fat percentage is like a mini health check you can do at home for all your family.

As well as displaying your body fat as a percentage, this scale also shows you if your body fat reading is healthy, without the need to refer to a body fat chart.

Visceral fat surrounds the internal organs in the stomach/trunk area of your body. High levels of visceral fat increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Monitoring your results can help you to stay in the low risk range.

Body Water Percentage

Experts recommend we drink 2.5 litres of water a day, as water is continuously lost from our bodies all day. It is important to check you are replacing lost fluids and maintaining a healthy body water percentage day to day, but even more important after spells of sickness or periods of exercise.

Recommended Body Water Percentage:

Women 45-60%

Men 50-65%

Basal Metabolic Rate

Basal metabolic rate is also measured in addition to weight, body fat percentage and body water percentage. This is a calculation of the number of calories the users body requires according to their physique and lifestyle.

As you get older your basal metabolic rate naturally gets lower, however this is not the only factor that effects your basal metabolic rate. Being more active and having more lean muscle will increase your metabolic rate and so you will need to consume a higher number of calories to maintain your weight.

These clever scales will also calculate the weight of muscle in the body for adults.


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