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Speedbox HRM and Pedometer

If you're serious about running or walking then this innovative running pedometer and PM70 heart rate monitor is the perfect companion.

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Product Description

If you’re serious about running or walking then this innovative running pedometer and PM70 heart rate monitor is the perfect companion.

The Speedbox Running Pedometer

Probably the most accurate pedometer, the Speedbox works with the heart rate monitor (supplied) to provide a wealth of information about your walking or running training.

Simply attach the Speedbox to your shoe and a wireless network is created feeding ultra-precise distance covered, actual speed and calculated target speed data to your heart rate monitor. 

Even strong heel to toe movements will not disrupt the readings, and the Speedbox is waterproof – so you don’t need to worry about running through puddles!

The Beurer PM70 Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor included in this package has all the functionality you’d expect from a HRM, with the added speed and distance bonus info transmitted by the Speedbox running pedometer. More like a watch in design it’s extremely lightweight with a brushed chrome face and high quality wristband.

ECG heart rate measurement together with the Speedbox data means you can set training targets and see your calories and fat burned from your training session – a great motivator!

There are also minimum and maximum training range and maximum heart rate settings, average heart rate display and personal fitness test. The Beurer PM70 has time, date, stopwatch and alarm functions. It even comes with a bike clip – making it easy to view your progress if you fancy a change and try cycling instead of running.

Supplied in a sturdy zip up case and includes a PC USB clip, so you can transfer your data to…

Top Up Your Life Software Package

Your individual personal trainer – Top Up Your Life is the software supplied with this innovative running training package. Easy to operate, simply clip your heart rate monitor to the USB lead and plug into your PC to transfer all the data from your training session. Information for up to 10 training sessions can be retrospectively transferred.

Top Up Your Life software gives you an array of analysis of your fitness and progress in various graphical displays – perfect for serious performance tracking, weight management or just to keep track of your progress.

See on the screen your heart rate and training readings, calculated targets and performance over time.

  • Calculates actual and target speed
  • Calculates distance in kilometres
  • Shoelace attachment
  • Guaranteed For 2 Years
PM70 Heart Rate Monitor
  • ECG heart rate measurement
  • Settable training ranges and training times
  • Settable max heart rate
  • Average heart rate display
  • Calorie and fat expenditure
  • Personal fitness test
  • Date, time, day of week display
  • Stopwatch function
  • Alarm
  • Water resistant 50m
  • Cycle mounting clip
  • PC interface and USB lead
  • Guaranteed For 2 Years