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Rebounder Complete Body Workout DVD Review

A rebounding DVD that is varied and suitable for all

Review by Julie Chapman

I was really looking forward to rebounding to the PT Bouncer Complete Body Workout DVD before I'd even got it out the box. The combat and dance sections were what had done it... but would it live up to my expectations?

They look and talk like real people, which I love - I hate it when you feel intimidated by an instructor on a video. They explain what to do as you go along and give you a chance to get the hang of each move before changing to the next. Then the individual moves are put together to do a mini routine.

Be under no illusions, there is no stopping and starting, you are continually moving which is what you want from a workout, and I for one certainly worked up an enjoyable sweat!

So here's what I thought of each section:

1. Warm-Up/Beginners Workout (Yellow)

This is nice simple stuff that you don't have to be too co-ordinated for. But by "beginners workout" I think they mean "beginners to rebounding" as it's still quite challenging. If you haven't exercised in a while start with section 8 rather than jumping straight to this one.

2. Short Stretch (Black)

This sure is a short section, but it is really important to stretch after exercise and this quick section still on the rebounder gives us no excuse not too.

3. Cardio Fat Burner (Red)

Karl tells us the aim is to get our heart rates up and burn calories, and it certainly did that. Great fun, but have a glass of water at the ready.

4. Cardio Combat (Green)

This is done by David, one of Karl's assistants, but he's very good and was as excited about doing the section as I was.

If you've done Body Combat or similar you might find this a bit tame (although that depends on how good your balance is), however I still really enjoyed this and think it also works well as a good stepping stone to do before starting Body Combat classes. It's also an excellent way to get rid of stress or anger if someone's been annoying you at work or the kids are driving you up the wall. In fact, I can see me doing this section quite a lot!

5. Urban Dance Workout (Orange)

The other assistant, Emma, takes this section and she's great at it. I love dancing and found this section not just fun, but natural as well, you really get into it which is what you want when exercising. The style of dance is urban (funky) but it works so well with rebounding as it's that bouncing type of movement. If, like me, you have a dance mat and like dancing on that, you'll definitely like dancing on a rebounder.

6. Pure Abdominals (Blue)

Karl talks you through this while Emma demonstrates so you don't get your instructor struggling to do and talk at the same time. The rebounder gives you the same type of support as a fitball would which makes you work the muscles more effectively than if you were working out on the floor.

But the real bonus is you are told and shown exactly what position you should be in to start with and during the exercise, ensuring you get this right is key to getting a flat tummy.

I also like that this is nice, quick and ideal for doing in between the other sections as you are lying on the rebounder and can rest your legs for a couple of minutes.

7. Kids Workout (Purple)

This is split into two mini sections. The first part is martial arts/combat style and the second is more funky dance in style. It is definitely geared toward the early teens and below, the first bit for boys, the second for girls. Although there is nothing stopping us adults from doing this section I would only do this again if I wanted to do sections 4 & 5 but didn't have time and I'd be tempted to do it without the sound on.

8. 50+ (Black)

Not just for the over fifties this is what you want to start with if you are new to rebounding or aren't particularly fit. Great for building confidence and I think a good one to start with if you are doing a combination of sections to create your own workout.

9. Mind + Body (White)

If you've got time for a fuller cool down than section 2 this is what you should be doing. Very yoga/pilates orientated and if you do anything like this you'll find this really easy. Again, this is a great way to give people a taste of a different exercise discipline while showing you how to properly cool down and giving your heart rate time to return to normal. Again I really liked this section, it's so easy not to cool down properly or to half heartedly do it, plus this one is so relaxing.

Well in summary this gets my vote and is definitely one of the top exercise DVD's I've seen. Karl, David and Emma make you feel comfortable not just with the workouts but your individual ability too. Once you've got the moves down, turn on your own music and just copy the routines, but with such a range to choose from this is a workout DVD you wont get bored of quickly.