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Swiss Ball Exercises

Swiss Ball Exercises

The thing about swiss style exercise balls is that they are inherently unstable. Sit on one, especially for the first time, and you’ll wobble like a jelly. That’s why exercise balls are so effective when it comes to core strength.

Your body responds naturally and automatically to this instability, working to keep you from falling off. With regular swiss ball exercise, back and abdominal muscles used to keep you balanced become stronger.

Add specific swiss ball exercises like the ones below and you can get an efficient full-body workout using just the ball and your body weight.

Swiss Ball Exercise Examples

The exercises shown here are a good example of moves that can be done, and muscles that can be strengthened, with a swiss ball. There are many more – see our Great Bodyball Handbook.

These exercises are from the chart that comes with our Fitball Exercise Ball.


Swiss ball exercise for abdominals


Stomach Strengthening

With your back on the ball, pre-stretch (keeping the upper body straight), then lift the upper body whilst tightening the stomach muscles.

Exercise ball stretch


Total Body Stretching / Stabilization

While on all fours stretch out one arm and the opposite leg, hold the position for a while, then change sides

Swiss ball exercise for whole body


Upper Body Rotation

From a stable position on the stomach, with the help of the arms, turn to one side and return to the starting position, then change sides.

Swiss ball exercise for the spine


Straightening of the Spinal Column

While lying comfortably on the stomach, lift and lower the upper body, keeping arms in a u-form next to your head.