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Logic3 PS2 to PS3 Converter

Fab little gadget to help you use any PS2 controller on the PS3.

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Full product description

Product Description

The PS2 to PS3/PC converter is a great item that enables use of any PS2 controller on the PS3. Plug in your dance mat, guitar or steering wheel to play all the old classics through your new playstation.

With the PS2 Controller it converts the analogue button into the PS3 home button so that you can switch on or off your console via the controller. The LED lights on the converter also indicate which controller slot is being used.

It is also an adaptor from PS2 controller to USB for PC. So finally you can play PC games with a hand held controller simply with this brilliant converter from Logic3. 

  • PS2 controller to USB connector
  • 2 Extra USB Inputs 
  • LED Indicators light up to show the controller number
  • Game Pad and Wheel Modes
  • Use PS2 gamepads and controllers with PS3 console or PC