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Powerball is the world's most powerful hand gyroscope, ideal for sports enthusiasts, musicians and sufferers of RSI. Highly addictive, it's a small ball that can make a big difference

Full product description

Product Description

The size of a tennis ball and approx 270g, a Powerball is the worlds most powerful and fastest spinning hand gyroscope!  It’s compact size and mighty rotor makes it the perfect form of exercise for all.

A Powerball is designed to work 5 different areas of the arm depending on how you hold it.  These areas include the hand and fingers, tricep, bicep, forearm and wrist.  The gyro can spin at up to 15,000 RPM and generate over 40lbs of force!

Soon the Powerball becomes addictive and all your friends want to have a go too!  Females should be aiming for 9,000 RPM and males should be aiming for 12,000.

Powerball Models

All Powerballs come with 2 starting cords, full written instructions and a lifetime guarantee on all parts.

250Hz Classic

The original Powerball!  Precision balance means it has been certified to 15000 RPM but has been known to clock up to 16k

250Hz Neon

With the same powerful rotor as the classic Powerball, Neon models have 6 inbuilt LEDs which light up when the Powerball is spinning. The faster the Powerball spins the brighter the LEDs will glow.

250Hz Neon Pro

All the features of the 250Hz Neon but with an inbuilt digital counter which will measure your RPMs allowing you to see how well you are doing and motivate you to always try and beat your personal best (or someone else's!)

Signature Pro

This limited edition Powerball has the same high performance but it super stylish with a smokey shell, black rotor and ultrabrite white LEDs. Again, the inbuilt computer will count your RPMs and it also comes with a mini DVD featuring various world records and exercises.

Benefits of the Powerball

People involved in sports such as golf, tennis and squash will be sure to feel the strength increase in their wrists, perfect for sports including a bat or racket etc.  Virtually all musicians, but in particular drummers, guitarists and pianists, will feel the benefit of using the Powerball for only 5 or 10 minutes a day.  As the Powerball is medically recommended it is ideal for those suffering from medical conditions such as RSI (repetitive strain injury) and arthritis as it is a non-impact piece of equipment.  Even if you’re not a sports enthusiast or a budding musician, a Powerball is a highly effective way of improving the strength in your arms and toning up.

How does it work?

Basically you hold the Powerball in the palm of your hand, insert a cord into the hole in the rotor and wrap it round.  You then sharply pull the cord and the rotor will start rotating.  By rotating your wrist (not your arm) you will feel the pressure on your wrist and arm.  Every Powerball comes with full step-by-step instructions.  It recommends starting slowly and increasing your speed once you are used to the motion and resistance of the Powerball.

250Hz Classic - Specifications
  • Weight – 262g
  • Colours – Blue or Amber
250Hz Neon - Specifications
  • Weight - 278g
  • Colours - Blue or Green
250Hz Neon Pro - Specifications
  • Weight - 278g
  • Colours - Blue or Green
Signature Pro - Specifications
  • Weight - 278g
  • Colour - Smoked Grey
  • Wrist Strap included
  • Mini DVD included

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