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The Great Kettlebell Handbook

The Great Kettlebell Handbook will help you workout to build core strength and muscle tone in the arms, legs, bum and tum. At the same time this training guide give you the routines to produce an intense calorie burning cardio workout with kettlebells.


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Product Description

The Great Kettlebell Handbook will help your workouts to build core strength and muscle tone in the arms, legs, bum and tum.  These kettlebell exercises will produce an intense calorie burning cardio workout. The Kettlebell traing guide shows clear colour pictures and descriptions for movements and technique for holds and swings and many other exercises.

With kettlebells and this workout handbook you can complete a large range of dynamic movements that engage many muscles at once. Many fitness instructors now swear by kettlebells due to the overall health and fitness benefits and the fantastic weight loss results that training can achieve. 

This handbook will help your posture and form for all exercises with kettlebells to ensure you maximise your workout. Unlike most dumbbell exercises, when using kettlebells, muscles are forced to work together as you perform each motion. Form is crucial and ensures that you make the most of the explosive movements during kettlebell training.

Kettlebells can be used either as your sole exercise to lose weight or be incorporated as a resistance or cardio workout to aid any other training you do. The handbook’s 3 kettlebell exercise routines are:

  • cardio
  • endurance 
  • fitness.

Each exercise in the kettlebell routine has a link to its page within the book so that you can learn and practice them easily. It also has the number of repetitions or time that should be spent on each movement. This takes all the guesswork out of making your own kettlebell workout.

  • A series of kettlebell exercises to work the whole body
  • Kettlebell basics
  • Muscle anatomy diagrams
  • 3 Sample kettlebell routines
  • 39 Different kettlebell exercises
  • Torso stabilisation for safe exercise movement
  • Coaching cues and pointers
  • Safety tips for kettlebell training