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Customer Reviews of the Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible

Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible 2010

"I expected another ‘food fad diet’ to be honest but was pleasantly surprised. Weight, height and BMI charts seemed a little but daunting at first, but were actually very easy to use. Entries for food items for the calorie counting seem endless, even non branded items which are highlighted so they’re easier to find. Ask me to find an item and within a minute it’s found, we made this into a game one night, but it helped me find my feet. The good thing is YOU make the choices, how much weight to lose, how many calories to eat as all the information is there. Handy tips too to make healthier choices. Just ordered my mother one as she often asks me how she can lose weight. One thing though, WHY didn’t a buy this book before ALL the others?"
Linda Wardman
"I wish to congratulate Dr Jeremy Sims and Tracey Walton on producing the CCFB. I have just bought a copy and I must say I felt quite moved by the firm but compassionate tone adopted and the (thank God) no-nonsense fact-based approach. The authors really seem to understand the problem of slimming. Most people (myself included) are very depressed at being overweight and I think the encouraging but not hectoring tone is excellent. The idea of constantly envisaging oneself as how one wants to be is excellent. I shall try it! Many, many thanks for your excellent work."
Dr John Campion
"I recently bought your book called the Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible and would love to tell you what a brilliant book it is. I have recently started a weight management programme and I honestly don't know where I'd be without your book. It has helped me a lot and given me some really good advice."
Rachel Mitchell
"When I am away in my caravan I use the 'Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible' available from WLR's sister site ( I find this very helpful as it is basically a hard copy of the database. Alternatively print out your food diaries for things you eat regularly. The 'Bible' is rather bulky but well worth the money."
Laura M
"I have just purchased 'the Calorie Carb & Fat Bible' available on the Diet and Fitness link. It is like the Weight Loss Resources search database but in book form, and it's great. Sometimes it is a lot of hassle to get the computer on, or if you want to check something before you have actually eaten it then this is brilliant. Would definitely recommend."
Laura D
"We found The Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible 2007 very useful as it gave an idea on how much we needed to lose by using the BMI chart."We used the idea of keeping a food diary which although it sounds to be a nuisance is essential and in the end is just part of dieting.Following the book’s advice we purchased a good set of digital scales (they don't have to be expensive) to weigh everything.Our diet has changed to less fat and sugar. It is surprising how much food you can eat and still keep within your calorie allowance, coming away from a meal full up.To try to be active, we park at the furthest point away in the supermarket car park and when we go to our local market. We still managed to lose over 3 stone each in a year.We find the Bible invaluable for finding out the calories we want and if there is anything unusual we want to know.&The price of the book (which is cheap anyway) is more than paid for by the peace of mind it gives."
John & Dorothy Grubb
"The Bible is not rocket science, it tells you something that you already know: To loose weight eat less and exercise more. What it does though is give you the tools to do it. A chart to show a healthy weight, the calories you need to consume to maintain your weight, and the numbers you need to reduce it by to lose.It gives you quick easy tips to reduce your calories, what a good balanced diet looks like, and some excellent techniques to help you succeed. It puts you in the right frame of mind to want to loose weight, to forget the past and set your self some goals, and when you reach them celebrate! The only “rule” you need to stick to is eat within your calorie allowance."
Hannah Sheed
"The sound advice and help at the beginning of the book is excellent. No need for diet groups or meetings! Buy this book instead!"
Helen Mayhew
"This is the only book you will need if you want to count calories or know nutritional values – whatever diet or lifestyle plan you are on."
John Graham
"I used this book when I was dieting eventually losing four stones! The ‘Bible’ makes it very easy to make sensible choices and comparisons, whether you wish to base them on calorie, carb or fat content, and also gives lots of information about sensible weight loss and eating."
Leslie Carol

The Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible

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