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Workout Wallet

Weekly workout log cards make it easy to track weight training and aerobic exercise, and make strength and fitness progress.

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Product Description

Weekly Workout Log

Keeping an exercise log gives you a great motivational boost. It provides a sense of purpose when you’re exercising and motivates you to make progress. 

WorkoutWallet’s weekly exercise logs make it easy to jot down details of your exercise workouts as you’re doing them. No more wondering how many reps you did last time, or what distance you covered.

There’s space on each week’s workout log to record time and calories burned, for up to four aerobic activities – plus weight/resistance level and reps for up to 15 weight training, toning exercises or stretches.

WorkoutWallet also has room for notes, and a neat little “Totals This Week” box for easy reference and comparison.

Each log card is stiff enough to write on whilst held in your hand and holds information for two weeks, one on each side of the card.

WorkoutWallet comes with 13 cards, enough to log your exercise workouts for six months. Looking back over your log and seeing the progress you’ve made builds your confidence and gives a great feeling of accomplishment!

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