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Activity Calorie Calculator

The most accurate activity calorie calculator we’ve found is the Omron HJ 113 E. This is because it recognises two activity modes: ‘normal’ and ‘aerobic’ and switches between them automatically.

Now, we all know that aerobic exercise is going to burn more calories and fat than taking a stroll. Just think of the difference between meandering round the shops vs. heading to the gym and walking at a consistent, fast rate on the treadmill. The Omron HJ 113 will calculate the calories for both types of activity, separately.

The way it determines whether to switch from normal to aerobic mode is by how long you keep up a consistent pace. That is, if you walk (and that’s not just walking, but any kind of activity that gets you moving, such as step aerobics or a run) sixty or more steps per minute in a ten minute period, Omron’s activity calculator will automatically switch to aerobic mode.

One especially nice feature is that the Omron will let you have up to a one minute rest after each ten minutes before switching back to the normal mode – it won't just stop when you stop! That’s really useful if you plan on using it to count calories burned in a gym environment where you are switching between different types of aerobic/cardio equipment.

So whether you are just doing everyday walking from here to there or you are jogging, dancing, or walking at a consistent pace for more than ten minutes, this activity calculator will automatically know it and add up the calories in the right category – normal or aerobic.

Omron Activity Calorie Calculator

Omron HJ113E