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Fat Smash Diet Book Product Description

The Fat Smash Diet is a breath of fresh air where celebrity diets are concerned, as it’s a healthy low fat diet that encourages exercise and prevents hunger.

Kelly Le Brock lost 31lbs on the American version of Celebrity Fit Club, by completing the four phase, 90 day diet and fitness program now known as the Fat Smash Diet. Since then it has become not just a New York Times Best-seller, but an American Best-seller too.

The Diet

You start with a 9-day Detox, nourishing your body with fruits, vegetables and a few specially selected foods. And by eating four – five small meals a day the hunger so often associated with dieting is relieved.

This is then combined with 30 minutes of exercise five days a week, plus low fat recipes for each Fat Smash Diet phase, and fantastic tips from Mr Fat Smash Diet himself, Dr Ian K Smith to tackle the mental and motivational side of losing weight.

From day 10 things get easier as you continue on the Fat Smash Diet. You’ll still be eating a low fat diet, but foods are introduced back in including the foods we all crave such as biscuits, chips, sausages and pizza. As more foods are allowed with each phase, the more exercise is required, up to one hour five times a week in the last lifelong phase.

This is not just a diet, but a fresh start (9 day Detox), and re-education for you mind and body on healthy eating and making exercise a normal part of your routine, to keep the weight off for life.

Medical studies have proven those who not only eat right but also exercise regularly, not only lose weight faster but are most likely to keep it off permanently.


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